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Science of Sharing 2014

Just what makes some videos attract millions of online shares, while others barely get into double figures? And, are “viral” videos actually promoting the memorability necessary to drive brand recall? Where does distribution strategy fit into all of this? These and many more questions are answered in our latest Science of Sharing White Paper.

Using data and sharing analysis from Unruly ShareRank™, the report analyzes whether celebrities are worth the budget spend, the right time to launch your campaign and the key variables affecting social video success.


Social Video Report Q1 2014

A lackluster performance by advertisers at this year’s Super Bowl saw shares drop 24.2% from Q4 2013, but video shares over the last 12 months are up by 22%. 
Using data supplied by Unruly Analytics, this latest report identifies the various verticals, brands and video campaigns making waves across the Open Web. 

Super Bowl 2014 Playbook

It may be the 4th down with one yard to go in one of the biggest online ad sharing events of the year, but you still have time to win the Online Game this Super Bowl. Unruly’s Super Bowl Playbook will help extend the ROI of your Big Game – or guerrilla – spot, and help you be crowned Super Bowl MVP.


Top 7 Social Video Trends 2013

What do dancing ponies, funky chickens and Wednesday-loving camels all have in common? 

It may sound like the start of the strangest joke in the world, but they have all played their part in probably the most exciting chapter in the history of social video advertising. Ok, that may sound like a bold statement (it is!). But there is no doubt that 2013 has been a watershed year for brands using social video. 


Instagram Video Guide For Brands

Instagram has certainly achieved a lot in its short life. At just over three years old, it’s already accrued 150 million active users, had a $1billion valuation and been purchased by the biggest social network on the planet, Facebook. All this with a headcount of just 13 staff.
But now brands and marketers have taken note and an ever growing feed of short-form video content is coming from brands looking to engage their audience in their native environments. Unruly took a deep dive into Instagram’s video offering and unearthed some remarkable findings.

Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing

It’s a myth that all you need to do to make a video go viral is stick a cute cat in it. Karen Nelson-Field, Senior Research Associate at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, has spent over two years researching the DNA of a viral video hit using rigorous academic methodology and using Unruly's unique data set - the largest database of video sharing behaviour on the planet. 
Download the overview of her findings now to find out which emotional triggers are most likely to get shared online to drive brand recall and which social platforms advertisers can use to grow their market share. This guide will help you  create and distribute emotionally charged video content which will get watched, tracked and shared across the Open Web. 

Science of Sharing 2013

What makes a video go viral? Why do some online ads attract millions of shares while others largely go unnoticed? These and many more questions are answered in this new report which delves into the science behind video sharing.
It offers brands and agencies actionable insights into what kind of content is likely to attract more shares, which emotional triggers are most likely to resonate with your target audience and which day of the week is best to launch your video campaign.

Vine Guide For Brands

Twitter's latest social video app, Vine, has exploded on to the scene, attracting adoption rates that have engulfed the mobile video landscape. As users and brands alike flock to the new platform, Unruly decided to deep dive into the data feed and draw out some meaningful insights for brands looking to delve into the latest social video trend.

Unruly's Vine Guide For Brands offers key insights and tips for brands looking to leverage highly shareable, real-time video content as part of their marketing strategies.  

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