10 Facts Every Brand Should Know About The Super Bowl

For brands, it's no longer just about being the talk of the office water-cooler on Super Bowl Monday. The real opportunity is online, where Super Bowl spots receive millions of shares before, during and after the Big Game. 

Here are 10 Super Bowl facts every brand should know:



Unruly Viral Spiral 2013

Unruly’s Viral Spiral visualizes the exponential growth of social video sharing over the past 8 years. It identifies the most shared ads from 2006-2013 and tracks the number of social video shares across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

It charts the extent to which many advertisers are using social video to amplify their brand. Congratulations to Dove, GEICO and Evian for making it onto this year’s Viral Spiral. In the spirit of the "prankvert", one of the key trends of 2013, we’ve included a few surprises along the way.


Social Video Consumer Tech Spotlight

Tech brands are heading into battle in the run-up to the holiday season, when consumers part with their cash and spend big on the latest gadgets and games. So which brands are leading the social video marketing race and which advertisers urgently need to upgrade their digital marketing strategies? How does consumer tech stack up against other verticals? We reveal all here. 


2012 Olympics Brand Tracker

Click here to launch the 2012 Olympics Brand Tracker

Athletes were not the only ones gunning for gold during the London Olympics. Brands also went head to head during London 2012. But which advertisers won the battle online? Which online video ads from the official London 2012 Olympic sponsors generated the most social media buzz?

Unruly's Brand Tracker infographic pitted the official sponsors against each other in a race for advertising glory. Using the Unruly’s Viral Video Chart – the most comprehensive online video database ever created - it tracked the total number of shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere for each brand.


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