Prove your Social ROI

Do you wish you knew how your video content stacks up against the competition? How about if you could track how many shares, comments and views your video content has attracted across Facebook, Twitter and blogs? Do you want to benchmark your findings against any competitors within seconds and get an instant overview of how your share of voice is trending over time?

Unruly Analytics™ - Social Analytics Dashboard

Our social analytics dashboard Unruly Analytics™ is now available. It helps you demonstrate the ROI of your video distribution strategy. 

  • Find out how your social footprint measures up against the competition and access real-time, super clear insight into your social video performance in seconds;
  • Track official, unofficial and derivative copies across social media platforms to measure the split between owned and earned media; 
  • See which creatives are getting the most traction to optimise media spend and marketing strategy;
  • Access historical sector insight and real-time campaign insight. 


Many platforms don't begin tracking content until users have identified the content and asked for it to be tracked by entering it into the database themselves. Unruly Analytics is already tracking 2,600 global brands and counting. This is the reason why users are able to access historical data and competitive intelligence as soon as they log in to the dashboard, with no set-up required.

Unruly has tracked over 430 billion video views and provides you with the insight to spot which content is getting consumers talking. Sign up for Unruly Analytics now. 
Unruly is the global leader in social video marketing and the home of social video insight. Predict shareability, engage your audience and prove social ROI with Unruly's award-winning technology. Copyright © 2014 Unruly Group Limited All Rights Reserved