Unruly Activate


  • Unruly Activate is our own cloud-hosted platform for social video distribution & tracking, which powers your entire campaign. You can use Unruly Activate to get instant information on the ROI of your paid and earned media.
  • Unruly Activate takes a video and transfers it into different formats which are then placed on trusted media environments which are relevant to your brand. 
  • To make sure consumers can view your content regardless of which device they are using, Unruly supports all IP-connected screens, including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, across multiple operating systems.
  • Our in-house engineering team is always ahead of the game and makes sure that your content is being seen on the latest social media platforms.
  • We provide a variety of social plug-ins, overlays and Dynamic Creative Optimization to maximize consumer sharing, conversation and engagement.
  • Conversations about your brand and content are tracked across the social web and are presented in real time on a secure web-based analytics dashboard.
  • We know your time is limited so our analytics are easy-to-use providing you with the insight into big data that you need to make business decisions.
Unruly is the global leader in social video marketing and the home of social video insight. Predict shareability, engage your audience and prove social ROI with Unruly's award-winning technology. Copyright © 2014 Unruly Group Limited All Rights Reserved