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Unruly is the leading global technology platform for social video distribution and analytics. We’ve been developing our own technology and growing our in-house agile engineering team since 2006.

  • A fifth of our employees work in R&D, using Agile XP practices to continuously test and develop highly robust and scalable products across desktop, mobile and tablet devices; 
  • Unruly has won over 18 awards for its technology and innovation;
  • Through our technology and media partners, our potential reach is 1.01 billion monthly unique visitors - a worldwide reach of 62.4% (Comscore, Media Metrix, October 2013) and more than Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, that’s why we can deliver engaged audiences at speed and scale;
  • Unruly’s data-driven product set activates the Open Web. We join the dots on multiple platforms and devices to help brands reach an increasingly fragmented audience, split across websites, social networks, games and apps.

Unruly Viral Video Chart

We built and launched the Unruly Viral Video Chart in 2006. Ranking videos by number of shares rather than views, the chart quickly established itself as the definitive source for video sharing data around the globe. Will.I.Am described Unruly’s Viral Video Chart as “the billboard hot 100 of the Internet generation”.
  • Top brands use the unique data set to benchmark the social success of their own video campaigns and creative mavens and media partners use the data to spot video content trends; 
  • The Unruly Viral Video Chart also powers the social analysis taking place in Unruly's Social Video Lab and across our full product set. 
Since launch, the Unruly Viral Video Chart has tracked 424 billion video streams and houses the largest historical data set of sharing behaviour on the social web. It tracks trending videos in real time using proprietary Unruly blog-scanning methodology, Facebook’s APIs and the Twitter fire hose.

Unruly ShareRank™

In a  world where consumers are banner blind and ad-avoidance is the new norm, Unruly ShareRank™ is a proprietary algorithm which allows advertisers to accurately predict and improve the ‘shareability’ of their content, before it is launched. 
It allows advertisers to maximize the impact of their content marketing strategy by calculating the amount of earned media video an ad is likely to attract across the social web before a single dollar is spent.  Using data from over 424 billion video streams, this is the only solution on the market to help you pinpoint, optimize and invest in the content which consumers want to watch and share. 

Unruly Activate

Unruly Activate™ is cloud-hosted platform for social video distribution & tracking, which powers your entire campaign. Brands use Unruly Activate to: 
  • Make their videos ubiquitous, discoverable and shareable on day one of launch 
  • Maximize the viral peak using native ad formats  
  • Engage and optimize super-sharers to broaden sharing and slow viral burn-out 
  • Activate campaigns across mobile, tablet and desktop environments 

Dynamic Content Optimization

Unruly has launched the world’s first dynamic creative optimisation for social video advertising. Known as Cupid, this algorithm automatically marries the best-performing video content with a brand’s campaign goals, programatically selecting which video ad from your campaign to display to your target audience. The algorithmic selection is based on real-time viewer behaviour and your campaign KPIs, including shareability, dwell time and interactions with the content.




Unruly Analytics™

When did you last check your video share of voice?
Do you wish you knew how your video content stacks up against the competition? How about if you could track how many shares, comments and views your video content has attracted across Facebook, Twitter and blogs? Do you want to get an overview of the ROI of your social video in real-time? We track over 2,000 brands and 6 billion customizable data points in our cloud-based social discovery platform which measures your social video success regardless of who distributed the campaign. 

Unruly Short-Form Video Products

With mobile data traffic set to increase 13-fold between 2012 and 2017, advertisers have been quick to experiment with short-form mobile video platforms. Short-form content is exploding, with 9 tweets per second containing a Vine link and brands accounting for 40% of the most shared videos on Instagram. With Unruly, brands can:
  • Create short-form content using Unruly’s Creative Solutions services; 
  • Evaluate Vine and Instagram videos for shareability and effectiveness using Unruly’s ShareRank algorithm;  
  • Distribute content to a global audience of over 1.01 billion users in their native environments across desktop, mobile and tablet devices;  
  • Benchmark the social footprint of their short-form videos against their competitive set using our real-time analytics platform.


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