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Unruly Social Video Lab...

...the only one of its kind in the world - helps brands and agencies to increase the ROI of their social video ad campaigns based on customised and exclusive insight.

Our suite of 360 research products and technologies help advertisers formulate their entire campaign strategy for maximum impact.

The Social Video Lab gives you access to the deepest analytics in the industry. Our in-house team of researchers and data scientists presents you with the insight you need to make your marketing decisions.


65% of Ad Age 100 brands use our customised services which can help you to:

  • Improve the ROI of your social video campaigns
  • Understand why people share or don’t share videos
  • Road test your content
  • Predict the social success of your campaigns before launch
  • Get an edge over your competitors
  • Amplify your brand across the Open Web

Unruly ShareRank™

Unruly ShareRank™, is a proprietary algorithm which allows advertisers to accurately predict the ‘shareability’ of a video, before it is even launched.
It allows advertisers to maximize the impact of their content marketing strategy by calculating the amount of earned media video an ad is likely to attract across the social web. Unruly ShareRank identifies which parts of the video elicit viewer responses - and hence sharing behaviours- so brands can:
  • Improve the shareability of existing content
  • Plan distribution strategy to maximise sharing and account for earned media
  • Plan their content strategy to make future content more shareable
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