Unruly Launches 2012 U.S. Election Tracker

The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election is in full swing, and the race for the White House is being waged in social media with all the vigor and creativity (and media budget) once reserved for television ads.

Unruly's Election Tracker is the definitive and exclusive measurement tool for tracking video sharing activity during the 2012 US Presidential race.

The infographic tracks the number of shares each candidate’s video content receives across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere using exclusive data from Unruly's Viral Video Chart.

Unruly Launches 2012 U.S. Election Tracker

The numbers represent all sharing behavior for videos released by the official Obama and Romney campaigns, as well as the 12 Super-PACs that are most active in this year’s contest.

As Election Day draws closer and the race gets hotter, the history of recent U.S. elections suggests that the campaigns and Super-PACs will release lots more new video content at a rapidly increasing pace…so the numbers you see here are likely to change many times between now and Election Day on November 6.

This infographic will update twice each day until Election Day, so bookmark the page and check back frequently to keep your finger on the social video pulse of the nation!

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