Friday Round-Up: 5 New Video Ads You Should Watch Right Now (23/11/2012)

23.11.2012 by David Waterhouse
Melbourne Metro Trains, the NBA and Chanel among hottest social video campaigns of the week
Dumb Ways To Die, Ad, PSA

Compiled by Liana Birkett, Andy Scofield and David Waterhouse

A fashionable killer was set loose, an Olympic superstar taught us how to dance, and some suicidal cartoon characters showed us all the dumb ways to die. Yep, it's just another week in Adland.

But which new ads have been setting the Viral Video Chart alight over the last seven days? Which ads have been the talk of the online world this week? Well, here are our five picks:


5. The Mo Farah Foundation: Do The Mobot

He's a double Olympic gold medalist, a national hero and now...a dance craze. Mo Farah is teaching the world to do his trademark dance, The Mobot, to raise awareness of his charity. 

The Mo Farah Foundation works to provide lifesaving aid to millions facing starvation and disease in East Africa. Now Somali-born Farah is asking for you to support the charity by kicking off your running shoes and slipping on your dancing shoes.

If you haven't given the dance a go yet, you really should, it's mo so simple. 


4. Chanel: Marilyn & No. 5 - Inside Chanel

Even 50 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still a star. Chanel No. 5 has released never-before-aired audio of the Hollywood bombshell during which she confirms that all she wears to bed is 'just a few drops of Chanel No. 5'.

In this ad, part of an interview with Marie Claire magazine is played and we hear the fashion queen speaking about a previous interview where she was asked what she wears to bed. Giggling, she recalls how she replied saying that rather than a pyjama top, bottoms or a nightgown, all she wears is "Chanel No. 5...because it's the truth!"

Most brands have to pay obscene amounts for high profile celebrities to endorse their products, but this unintentional one rendered the perfume an instant classic.

Thankfully, much better (and less confusing) than the latest Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 campaign, this classy, yet unpretentious ad delights fans of the Some Like It Hot star and reminds viewers of the stylish roots of the luxury brand. 


3. ASOS: The Asossin

Are you a bit of a Scrooge at heart? Do you cringe at Christmas songs, avoid mince pies like the plague, and dread the garish lights going up next door? Well, perhaps you should hire the guy off of ASOS's new campaign, who is slowly exterminating all Christmas clichés. 

The suave 'Asossin', who is, of course, dressed in ASOS men's finest, goes from house to house killing off all those who are committing crimes against Christmas

This unusual, dark, Christmas commercial is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical, jolly 'we love Christmas' themes most brands adopt. The ad ends with an invitation to find out more, which leads to a site where you can 'Asossinate your mate' and grass on them in for any Christmas crimes they have committed.

All I can say is, someone's getting coal for Christmas this year.


2. NBA: BIG: Color

It's not just department stores and clothes brands that are producing top Christmas ads this year. Even sports brands are getting into the spirit of things. The NBA has released a commercial showing off their players' Christmas Day uniforms with a very seasonal twist.

Featuring basketball's finest athletes, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook and Joe Johnson, the commercial is simple?: they all stand in one line, each with two basketballs, and all you can hear are the sounds of the balls slamming against the court floor.

Sound dull? Well, listen closely and you'll find that they aren't just bouncing randomly. They are, in fact, dribbling to the tune of a well-known Christmas classic, Carol of the Bells


1. Melbourne Metro Trains: Dumb Ways To Die

We've all had that moment of guiltily chuckling to ourselves when someone falls over in the street. But this ad will have you happily humming away while cute cartoon creatures suffer horrible, painful deaths.

The adorable little characters are here to serve as a warning to the rest of us in this morbid music video/ ad. They act out the "dumbest ways to die" and as a result, are burnt, eaten, poisoned and blown up, as the three-minute track happily croons along to their messy demises.

The clip is a safety warning from an Australian rail company. Melbourne Metro Trains released this catchy little ditty, which is actually a very serious warning about the dangers that surround rail travel. 

Towards the end of the song, after watching idiots play catch with wasps' nests and invite psycho killers into their homes, the song gets to its very serious message.

The ad campaign was devised by McCann Melbourne and has become an online hit this week with a total of 1,612,938 shares this week.

It might seem obvious that you shouldn't eat super glue or take your helmet off in outer space, but people take unnecessary risks around trains everyday. Let's hope viewers remember the warnings from this cheerful tune.


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