How Honda Used Vine To Triple Its Twitter Engagement

24.07.2013 by David Waterhouse

Any brands still wondering whether they should include Vine in their marketing strategies should take a look at Honda.

The autos manufacturer managed to triple its engagement on Twitter using the new video app. According to Socialbakers, during the first day of the campaign the car brand’s Twitter account attracted 1,020 new followers (6-month average is 242) and 2,292 mentions (6-month average is 166).

So how did it do it, you might ask? Well, it’s all down to the personal touch. For its Summer Clearance sales promotion, the car company used Vine and Twitter to reach out to potential new customers.

Some of the tweeters using the hashtag #WantNewCar were given their own personalised six-second video in response. So far so Old Spice, right?

But by using Vine, Honda could create the videos very quickly, starting an almost real-time conversation. They even managed to get Rebecca Black to repeat her famous ‘Friday, Friday’ catchphrase.

You can see some of their other responses at the bottom of the article.

Alicia Jones, manager of Honda and Acura social media at American Honda Motor Co, said:  “We felt it was a great platform for engagement and it's fairly easy to use and was a way for us to humanize our big brand and do so in a fun, interesting way consistent with our overall theme, which is funny and quirky, using real tweets.”

It certainly did the trick. The hashtag #wantnewcar was used 6,895 times by 5,617 users, attracting 14.8 million Twitter impressions, according to Brandchannel.

Via ReelSEOBrandchannel and SocialBakers.  

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