16.01.2013 by David Waterhouse
Unruly reveals that 75% of most shared online ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched before Super Sunday


LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS, BERLIN — 16 January 2013 — Did you know that three-quarters of the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched online before the big game? Or that just over a half of the social shares (across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere) from last year’s Super Bowl occurred after March 1, 2012?

These and many more insights are included in a new definitive guide on how brands can optimize their Super Bowl 2013 ad campaigns for the web, launched today by the global platform for social video advertising, Unruly.

The Unruly Super Bowl Social Video Playbook provides advertisers with insight into the type of content which is proven to get shared online and advises when to launch their videos in the lead-up to Super Sunday. Brands can gain insight into how they can connect with their audience, stand out from other sponsors and ultimately boost their ROI.

To coincide with its launch, Unruly has also released an infographic of ‘The Top 10 Super Bowl Social Video Facts Every Brand Should Know’. The insights include:

  • 75% of the top 20 most shared ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched before Super Sunday;
  • VW has been the most shared brand of the last two Super Bowls. Its 2012 teaser video attracted 3x more shares than its game day ad;
  • 55% of shares from Super Bowl 2012 occurred after March 1 2012;
  • The total number of shares in Super Bowl ads increased by 129% from 2011 to 2012;
  • The top 10 Super Bowl ads of 2012 were on average 83 seconds long, 31 seconds longer than in 2011.

Both the infographic and the playbook use industry-leading data derived from proprietary technology from the Unruly Viral Video Chart and the world’s first social video lab.

Art Zeidman, President, Unruly Americas, said: “Unruly’s Super Bowl Social Video Playbook gives advertisers critical, actionable insights on how they make the most of their Super Bowl social video strategy.

“While the passive viewing figures of the Super Bowl on network TV look impressive at first glance, the real meat of the campaign response happens online, where conversations and social sharing turn the spark of popularity into an online phenomenon.”


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·         Infographic: ‘Top 10 Super Bowl Social Video Facts Every Brand Should Know’

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