6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now: Super Bowl Special

05.02.2014 by Claire Roberts

Chances are that you'll have heard about a certain ball game being played last Sunday, with a few commercials dotted here and there for good measure.

Well, the post-Super Bowl breakdown of which brands did it right (or very wrong) with their campaigns continues, and no channel is safe from scrutiny.

This week, in a Top Vines Super Bowl Special, we take a look at who used short form content to their advantage in the week leading up to Game Day.

Expect to see some familiar, felt faces in the form of The Muppets, as well as inventive spots and a fair few parodies from Pepsi, Priceline and Vine favourite, Tide.




ESPN used Vine as an accompaniment to its hugely-successful TV spot, Long Week, and shows the two Super Bowl team mascots, Miles and Blitz, competing in challenges as death-defying as "rock, paper, scissors" and a corridor race. Look out for a looping staring contest that might just go on for a very long time...


5. Peanuts

Everyone's favourite animated schoolboy, Charlie Brown, is back in this short from Peanuts. The rough illustration and cut-outs are a great feature of Vines on the Peanuts channel, and in this smooth 6-seconder, the cartoon brand wishes everyone a happy Super Bowl weekend from its characters.

4. Pepsi

Pepsi has featured in our top Vine charts in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and teamed up with a lot of great Viners to produce its #HalfTime promo spots. This 6-seconder from Marcus Johns is no exception, as he lives many a childhood dream by dancing in a carwash.


3. Toyota

The Muppets, with their witty quips and limited movements, work incredibly well in short form content. Toyota was on to a winner this week by featuring stuffed shellfish Pepe the Prawn as an impromptu football coach, offering up tactics and commentary from his Highlander booth as he watched the game. Our personal favourite is this Touchdown Dance; watch the rest on Toyota's channel.


2. Tide

Tide jumped on the Super Bowl bandwagon this week, creatively linking all those $4million commercials back to good old clothes stains and the need for detergent. The low production value of these spots, which feature Oikos yoghurt stains, Butterfinger peanut butter and chocolate mess, plus the obligatory shoutout to a squirt of Heinz ketchup, only reinforces the fact that you don't need big bucks to get your voice heard. This pop at Jaguar even prompted a Vine-shaped response from the luxury car brand. 


1. Priceline

The top spot this week goes to underdog Priceline for its entertaining and creative spoofs of both the Big Game itself and its commercials. This funny parody of VW's Wings ad is inspired, and their Scarlett Johansson impersonation is uncanny. Watch the Priceline Vine channel to relive the entire evening through the medium of the sock puppet.

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