Budweiser Is Best In Show With Third Most Shared Super Bowl Ad Of All Time

05.02.2013 by Eddie Tomalin
Super Bowl Ad, Clydesale, Budweiser

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Budweiser is today celebrating a winning performance from its thoroughbred Super Bowl ad, 'Brotherhood'. The clip comes from the same stable as previous hits from the beer brand, using its iconic Clydesdale horses to pluck at the heartstrings of a global audience. And it has certainly done the trick - in just five days it has become the third most popular Super Bowl ad of all time.

The Clydesdales have appeared in Budweiser's previous Game Day ads, bringing a taste of Americana and nostalgia, as the horses trainplay in the snow and even mark tragic events.

This year's 60-second clip tells the tale of one Clydesdale's growth from young foal to proud stallion and the tight bond he develops with his trainer. Brotherhood shows the farmhand raising the horse from unsteady newborn until the day it has to leave the farm to join the Budweiser team.

Scored by Fleetwood Mac song Landslide, the clip has been the talk of advertising blogs and Twitter today, with many reporting that the tale of friendship, separation and eventual reunion moved them to tears.

Put together by Anomaly, the clip has attracted 1.9 million shares in just 5 days, not only making it one of the most popular Super Bowl ads ever, but already the 15th most shared ad of all time.

Budweiser proclaims itself to be 'King of Beers', but this ad could make them 'King of Super Bowl Ads', the brand's moving tribute to victims of 9/11, already holds second place.

Volkswagen's The Force might still lead the race for Super Bowl Advertising glory by a comfortable furlong, with 5.5 million shares, but this tale of friendship between foal and farmhand might yet pip VW at the post.


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