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In 2012, Unruly was recognised as The Best Content Distribution Service at The Braves Awards. With an engaged audience of over 1.17 billion consumers, across the full range of mobile, tablet and second screen devices, Unruly has delivered, tracked and audited 4.27 billion video views across 3,600+ social video campaigns for over 650 brands, including Volkswagen, Dove, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Warner Bros and adidas. We’ve worked with over 65% of the Ad Age Global 100 and our mission is to deliver the most awesome social video advertising campaigns on the planet.

Advanced Player Technology Optimizes for Campaign KPIs

Advanced Player Technology Optimizes for Campaign KPIs

Unruly’s player ensures your content looks epic and is highly interactive providing cross platform video playback and sharing with 30+ drop-in Apps that can be selected and always optimized to deliver your campaign objectives. Apps range from ‘buy it now annotations,’ through social sharing apps, image galleries, social polls, store locator, coupon downloads or custom experiences tailored to the specific objectives of a campaign or brand.


Access to an Audience of 1.17 Billion Unique Users Every Month

That's one helluva global watercooler. Unruly’s portfolio of influential blogs, passion websites, social discovery hubs, and social media apps span smartphone, tablet and desktop environments. 


Best Practices Keep Your Brand Safe

Working closely with WOMMA and the IAB globally, Unruly is defining industry standards so you can be sure your brand appears within appropriate environments and your content is promoted legally, ethically and in compliance with platform-specific Terms of Service. Digital marketing standards continue to evolve at dizzying speed. You can keep up to date with Latest Industry Standards below.


Advanced Real-Time Reporting in Unruly Activate

Unruly Activate is our proprietary cloud-hosted platform, custom-built for social video distribution & tracking, which powers the entire campaign life-cycle. Unruly Activate tracks 100+ metrics and delivers real time campaign analytics via the online dashboard.

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Dynamic Content Optimization

Unruly has launched the world’s first dynamic creative optimisation for social video advertising. Known as Cupid, it automatically marries the best-performing video content with a brand’s campaign goals, matchmaking content with the target audience of  the brand. While dynamic creative optimisation has been a staple in standard display advertising, it hasn't been as broadly applied to video or social video until now!

Unruly’s proprietary technology programatically selects which video ad from your campaign to display to your target audience. The algorithmic selection is based on real-time viewer behaviour and your campaign KPIs, including shareability, dwell time and interactions with the content.

100% Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings-Validated Audiences Guaranteed

100% Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings-Validated Audiences Guaranteed

If you’re a US advertiser using Nielsen reporting to manage your TV and online campaigns, you’re going to love our recent product innovation. Unruly guarantees that 100% of your purchased views will be validated against Nielsen OCR’s dataset for your target audience. In addition to Unruly’s comprehensive campaign reporting, your Nielsen reporting includes GRPs for your social video campaign.

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